About US

Established in 1989, Inprodec has since provisioned its’ clients with a diverse set of services that spans across the design consultancy spectrum; ranging from the ever prevalent interior design to the intricacies of fabrication and management of projects.

Splayed across the commercial and hospitality sectors with a concentration in the high-end luxury-retail sector – which many consider it to be our forte –, living testimonies of Inprodec’s undertakings can be seen sprawling about any urban jungle. These accolades can be attributed to the three decades of experience Inprodec has, bestowing upon it the craft of brand imprinting; creating opulent platforms which personifies the brand personality of our clients.

The aforementioned effects can be seen, which Inprodec achieves by taking the perspective or the “eye” of its’ clients and paramountly their clientele. Embodied as a corporate culture, this “eye” has become commonplace, and remains observable as the company’s logo.

OUR Vision

In order for us to reach what we vision, the crystalline lens of our “eye” will provision us with the ability to focus on objects near and far;  it is what we envision ourselves to be in the coming years.

Being at the forefront of total design solutions and having exultant and inspired employees are just but some of the many focal points of our “eye”.

OUR Mission

Every eye would be useless without the retina, the main provider of information to the brain; much akin to our mission, we look to our “retina” for instructions on a daily basis to guide our actions.

It is the day-to-day activities of the company that define who we are. Pulsating through our retinas’ electrical signals is our sole mission, to make a difference.

OUR Core Values

  • CultureSafe

    Cultivating the right mindset and attitude in every employee towards the importance of safety in the workplace and beyond it

  • Integrity

    Maintaining the highest ethical standards, demonstrating fairness and honesty in every action undertaken by the organization

  • Innovation

    Embracing change for without it, there can be no innovation, creativity or motivation for improvement

  • Team Spirit

    Fostering an environment  which encourages cooperation towards the mutual goals of the organization

  • Respect

    Honouring the rights and beliefs of our business associates, clients and suppliers via mutual respect and recognizing the importance of diversity.