OUR Services

Inprodec offers a comprehensive range of services and professional consultations to our clients from initiation to completion in an organized manner.

Identification of Needs

Both the client and Inprodec need to plan for the proposed office or commercial space, renovation & relocation requirements. In this respect, both need to identify requirements of time constraint & venue functions.



Initiation Phase 

Identify the major deliverables for the project and develop feasibility study and strategic planning.

Planning Phase

Identify project timeline, the tasks to be performed and possible constraints. Deploying functional team to complete project works and mitigate risks whilst maintaining the project’s quality and timeline.

Budget Estimation & Quotation

Provisioning the budget appraisal based on selected components along with the comparison between different materials and work substitutes.

Gathering Resources

Unparalleled incorporation of various elements – ceiling & floor plan, lighting & acoustic design, mechanical & electrical drawings and specifications, etc.
Supporting the overall design with impeccable planning via working schedules & sample board along with the preparation of tender or construction work.

Project Execution

From our team of skilled carpenters, tradesmen and experienced partners, we are able to plan and execute the most complex projects within the stipulated timeframe and budget allocated.

Project Management & Quality Assurance

Ensuring quality through our tried and tested project management system and experience with building management and nominated contractor coordination, along with the provisioning of full decoration, relocation & renovation service.

Maintenance & Full After Sales Service

Maintaining the integrity of the finished project via free maintenance during the warranty period and permanent maintenance service for miscellaneous items.